Photo by Meghan Featherstone

Photo by Meghan Featherstone

Andé Sousa

André Sousa is a Canadian Photographer, born in Azores Portugal. Now calling Toronto home, André's passion is to experience our big beautiful world and share it's landscapes and cultures through his lens.

As a kid, André would spend his endless summers in his mother's travel agency, passing the time flipping through travel brochures, this flourished a passion to see more of our world. That along with his father's hobby for photography and obsessions for chasing sunsets, naturally cultivated an appreciation to share our world through photography.

Sharing his photo's with the world through. André has grown to see how a photo has an immense power, it holds a story in a single frame without a word. That is a remarkable piece of human ingenuity... and now through photography, his stories preserve memories of our nature and culture from around the world.



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André Sousa
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